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RMuid Class Reference

#include <ResourceMonitorTypes.h>

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Public Methods

 RMuid ()
 RMuid (const char *idstr)
 RMuid (const uuid_t uu)
 RMuid (const RMuid &uu)
void clear ()
void generate ()
void generate_random ()
void generate_time ()
int parse (const char *idstr)
 on success, parse returns 0, else -1. More...

void unparse (char *out)
bool compare (const uuid_t &uu)
bool is_null ()
void print (ostream &out)
RMuid& operator= (const RMuid &b)
bool operator== (const RMuid &b)
bool operator< (const RMuid &b)

Public Attributes

uuid_t id

Detailed Description

RMuid is a C++ class for managing universally unique identifiers

This class consists entirely of inline methods that use the uuid library functions to create and manipulate universally unique identifiers(UUID's).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RMuid::RMuid ( ) [inline]

RMuid::RMuid ( const char * idstr ) [inline]

RMuid::RMuid ( const uuid_t uu ) [inline]

RMuid::RMuid ( const RMuid & uu ) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void RMuid::clear ( ) [inline]

bool RMuid::compare ( const uuid_t & uu ) [inline]

void RMuid::generate ( ) [inline]

void RMuid::generate_random ( ) [inline]

void RMuid::generate_time ( ) [inline]

bool RMuid::is_null ( ) [inline]

bool RMuid::operator< ( const RMuid & b ) [inline]

RMuid & RMuid::operator= ( const RMuid & b ) [inline]

bool RMuid::operator== ( const RMuid & b ) [inline]

int RMuid::parse ( const char * idstr ) [inline]

on success, parse returns 0, else -1.

void RMuid::print ( ostream & out ) [inline]

void RMuid::unparse ( char * out ) [inline]

Member Data Documentation

uuid_t RMuid::id

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